In-house Production

At Suffa, we design and produce our own sofas. This enables us to control every stage in the production process, right from the choice of raw materials through to delivery to the client. In this way, we are able to guarantee the quality and longevity of our sofas. Another major advantage of our own production line stems from the capacity to personalise our sofas. In addition to the range of models, these may also be personalised with a great variety of materials, finishings, colours and sizes taking into consideration the specific needs of each client.

Multiple Choices for Upholstery/Colours

The choice of the upholstery and the colour of the sofa is highly important to guaranteeing that your sofa fits in perfectly with your decoration. For such reason, Suffa sofas may be personalised with different types of upholstery that in turn come in an almost endless range of colours. First, choose between Velvet, Linen and Leather to ensure the sofa with the touch and texture that you most like. Afterwards, you may decide from among the different colours available for each particular material.

Product Personalisation

Suffa sofas may all be personalised as well as available in a broad range of options to ensure you may create a very unique sofa. With our supervision, you may choose your favourite model and change the characteristics, including size, upholstery, materials and even other details: add on a chaise longue, a removable armrest, or a reclinable option. Your imagination is the only limit. With the variety of options available, you may design the sofa that takes into account all of your needs, style and comfort preferences.