We are a company with over three decades of specialist experience in all types of furniture design. We take due pride that our work draws on Portuguese knowledge and rigor to ensure high quality and extremely comfortable products.

In 2010, we decided to launch our own brand, Suffa. This new Portuguese brand of sofas seeks to bring sofas of the highest quality, made from the very best materials, into the centre of the market and become “The Brand” for Portuguese sofas.

Suffa presents a vast range of different sofa models that reflect the latest trends in design and technology. Beyond their striking aesthetics, the other two great strengths that our sofas display are comfort and ergonomics. This all results in fine sofas, elegant and sophisticated; perfect for you to enter a state of complete relaxation.

At Suffa, concerns over leaving our clients entirely satisfied goes “hand in hand” with the company running its own production process. This transforms the simple process of purchasing a sofa into a voyage of discovery in order to be able to obtain the perfectly right sofa. We accompany our clients throughout the process of choosing and personalising their sofas. We provide an immense range of options for clients to explore and choose their own sofa, unique in the world and that meets all of their aesthetic, spatial and comfort needs. 

Suffa set out to affirm itself as a Portuguese brand for the Portuguese. Our sofas are inspired by the aesthetics in various styles of decoration and made reality by the work of craftsmen highly skilled in their art. These masters of furniture production combine their knowledge built up over decades with innovative and modern processes and methods to transform high quality raw materials into sofas designed and built with client wellbeing and satisfaction as the overriding priority.