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High Quality Sofas Made to Measure

Given the diversity of Suffa sofa models, it is difficult not to find your ideal sofa. We have 3, 2, and 1 seat models that guarantee you’ll be able to discover the perfect sofa for whatever the space.

Complete your room with a corner sofa or a chaise longue and turn the sofa into a focal point for your environment. If you like arriving home and getting comfortable on your sofa, our Relax line is an ideal option. For small spaces, our sofa-beds represent an ideal option. Available in 1 or 2 seats, they are a versatile option that enables any space to be converted into a guest room. To better serve our clients, we design and produce sofa-beds in such a diversity of styles that there is sure to be at least one that can complete your interior decoration.

Looking for something more retro or vintage? Our models with sloping legs, contrasting tubes and conservative colour schemes may be right up your street! Seeking a more contemporary style? Sofas with simple and uncomplicated stylistic line and in neutral tones might be the perfect option.

Our sofas may be matched with various different upholstery, so explore the different fabrics we have in stock. Smooth linen for a modern look. Extremely soft velvet to convey a more retro style of decoration. Or instead opt for the classical aesthetic of leather.

We make deliveries all over the country and guarantee you receive your sofa with every ease and facility.

Sofa-beds Comfortable and Elegant – Essential for any Interior Environment

The sofa-bed is a multifunctional piece that helps saving space and thus becomes particularly appropriate for small apartments, studio flats or other spaces that you want to turn into guest rooms. Suffa sofa-beds contain high resistance foam mattresses that guarantee quality and deep sleep. To ensure the maximum level of comfort, you may choose between soft or firm foams and the majority of models also provide two choices of mattress size. They are all equipped with our “Rapid” system that enables the sofa to become a bed in a matter of seconds. Our sofa-beds are available in all sizes from an armchair through to a corner sofa.